Tempur (English)

TEMPUR is a viscoelastic, temperature-sensitiv material with opened cells, which reacts individually to the body heat and also fits exaktly to your body contour.
TEMPUR supports perfectly the anatomy, takes the pressure from your body, avoids tenders, provides a better blood circulation and can gives you a deep, quiet, restful sleep.
Since 2007 we are certified TEMPUR-advisors.
We are an autorised TEMPUR-dealer, so you demand to have the following guarantee by
the Tempur Deutschland GmbH:
• 3 years on pillows
• 15 years on mattresses
15-jahre-garantie.gif  TEMPUR demands you to have a guarantee of 15 years on their mattresses (physical properties)! 
1) Addition to payment for international sales:
Dear customer! Please have a look at the following information about payment from abroad. We are only able to order or deliver any goods, when you pay by pre-payment. For this you have the following choices. Please make your decision!
Pre-payment by bank wire (direct transfer from yours to our bank account):
Account holder:
Account number:
Bank code number: 
natürlich Wasserbetten
Sparkasse zu Lübeck
230 501 01 
For payment from abroad you will also need these information:
IBAN (international bank account number):
BIC/ SWIFT code:
DE 71230501010014453005
Pre-payment by using PayPal (online-payment):
For using our PayPal-service you need to have a registered account yet or you have to register yourself at PayPal. It's free for you! Just choose PayPal as pre-payment-method at the counter or follow the instructions when you order by mail.
2) Delivery costs:
We like to inform you, that there are additional costs for buying products in Germany from abroad (eastern Europe):
1 mattress = 100,00 EURO
2 mattresses = 200,00 EURO
Please ask for other products or countries and their delivery costs!
3) How can I order the articles I want?
There are two ways of ordering our products:
1.) You can put all the goods into your cart ("Warenkorb"). When you have finished shopping, just klick on "Zur Kasse" (counter) and then you just have to follow the instructions!
Attention: Not every part of our shop is translated into English yet! If you have any problems, use the second way to order, which follows below.
2.) Another possibility to order your wanted stuff is to do this by email. Just send us a short mail with your wanted goods, where it shall be delivered to, your address + phone number + email-address! After short time one of our customer-supports will contact you!
We thank you for putting your trust into us and for choosing "Natürlich Wasserbetten GmbH"!
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